Staying close to Claudia’s roots as a bench jeweler, all CM pieces are manufactured in her home city of Philadelphia and her (second) home city of New York. Our team of master jewelers shares our passion for design and natural materials, and have a strong respect for ethical, small-scale production. She relies on CAD (computer aided design) throughout her design process and for select pieces that require the utmost precision. All Nomad rings and Fauna collection pieces are made using molds from Claudia’s original studio versions.  


Our Signature Technique

Our jewelers are experts in our signature burnish setting technique. One of the oldest and most secure setting styles, burnished gemstones sit flush with the surface of the metal. To achieve this look, a pillow hole is drilled in the metal, then a ball burr is used to make a concave depression that exactly matches the size of the stone. Once the stone is positioned in its seat, the metal is manipulated around the edge with a chasing tool to lock it in place. It takes considerable time and skill to master this technique.