A lifelong creative and innate creator, Claudia’s journey into jewelry began on New York’s Madison Avenue. A lunch hour escape from her corporate day job, she lost herself window shopping the high-jewelry houses. But wherever she looked, she could never find one elusive piece; the perfect gold band.

Realizing the only answer was to create it herself, Claudia soon dreamt not of wearing the works of art she saw in those windows, but making them.

Claudia was determined to make this dream a reality and took to the bench. Learning with a local jewelry studio led to studying at the Gemological Institution of America and finally apprenticing under esteemed fine jewelers.

The first piece Claudia designed and made is now the brand’s signature Nomad Ring, a distinctive marriage of aesthetics and personal story. This intuitive balancing of design and meaning has become a hallmark of Claudia’s style.

Claudia understands how and why women wear jewelry. Each collection is inspired – and approved – by a close, multigenerational community of incredible women. Always open to inspiration, Claudia finds her ideas in art, life, travel, animals and the spectacular colored gemstones she sources for her pieces.